Regional Combines

Blue-Grey Regional Combines are a great way to compete against your areas most elite athletes.  Each event is staffed by Ex-NFL greats who know what it takes to train and compete at the highest level.  Top performers at each regional combine may earn an invitation to one of our National Super Combines with the ultimate goal of being selected to play in the Blue-Grey All American Bowl!


National Super Combines

Join elite athletes from all across the country and compete for a spot on one of the Blue-Grey All American Bowl Games played in NFL Stadiums across the country!

All-American Games

The very best way to get recognized by NCAA Football programs!  Over 30% of athletes that earn the opportunity to play in one of our All-American games go on to play in top D1 programs.  Another 40% go on to play college football and fulfill their dreams of playing the sport they love beyond high school.

Red Zone Recruiting

The top performers from all regional combines and national super combines earn the opportunity to be added to this very exclusive and elite football recruiting database.  College coaches from ALL LEVELS seek this highly selective list of the nations' best athletes!


Nominate Someone

Do you know an elite athlete that may want to get noticed?  You may ask your coach to nominate you as well!


National Press Coverage

Our staff of professional journalists, along with other well know sport media outlets like 247Sports, CBSSports, etc., provide in depth reviews and reports at our events.  Come out and compete for a chance at national press coverage!


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